Wake up service 19/1: Chamber debate on the charges affair โ€ข Security deliberation talks about curfew

Good morning! A debate on the payment affair will begin this afternoon in the House of Representatives. The Security Council also discusses the possible introduction of a curfew.

It is cloudy today and from time to time rain falls. In the south it becomes more dry in the afternoon. Today it is about 9 or 10 degrees and a strong southwest wind blows. After today persistently changeable with in addition to rain or a mood also sometimes some sunshine. From Friday it becomes less soft.

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What can you expect today?

This afternoon, the House of Representatives is talking about the payment affair, which led to the resignation of the Cabinet last week. It will probably also effectively become an election debate. Prime Minister Rutte, with his VVD leading in the polls for March 17, will be the target of the other parties. A day later than usual, the Security Council meets. The possible introduction of a curfew is on the agenda of the weekly consultation of the 25 mayors. The reason for the delay is that not all the documents needed for these consultations were available. The mayors just last week indicated that they are not in favour of such a curfew, like the police, but the advance of the British variant of the coronavirus means that the Cabinet is now considering curfew. The Dutch top athlete Roelf B. and his friend Gert-Jan N. are again in front of a Hungarian judge. The childhood friends were sentenced to five years in prison for drug trafficking at the Sziget music festival in Budapest last year. The Public Prosecutors Office, which had demanded a prison for eight and ten years respectively, appealed against this sentence. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is holding an early crisis consultation with the Land Prime Ministers today. Media says Merkel wants to push through more stringent coronameasures. Peoples freedom of movement would be restricted even more. Also, medical mouth caps might be required.

What did you miss?

For years, the Central Body for Asylum Seekers (COA) has unlawfully shared data of hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers in our country with the police. This is evidenced by a draft letter to the House of Representatives of Minister Ferd Grapperhaus (Justice, CDA) and Secretary of State Ankie Broekers-Knol (Migration, VVD), seen by NRC.

The letter to the Chamber states that this will now be definitively stopped. The Ministry of Justice does not respond to questions raised by the newspaper because it first wants to inform the Chamber of the matter. The sharing of the data took place for at least seven years.

Other news from the night

LHV: vaccination of general practitioners still starts this week: the Dutch General Practitioners Association (LHV) announced this in a statement. This is faster than expected and has to do with the rise of the British variant of the coronavirus. Bas vant Wout becomes the new Minister of Economic Affairs: he succeeds Eric Wiebes, who resigned last week because of his role in the payment affair, report initiates after reporting from De Cceit. Pension fund contributions rise more than ever this year: this is what the FD writes after research into pension fund contributions. Increases in the pension premium by 10% or more are no exception.

And then for a moment this

In a video message addressed to the American People, Melania Trump has already said goodbye as first lady. In her speech, President Trumps wife talks about her encounters with military, police officers and health care staff. She calls her visits to children in hospitals and foster homes.

The dissipating first lady also refers to her project Be Best, created to promote the welfare of American children and prevent bullying on the Internet. The project was often criticized for her husbands tirades on Twitter.

Good day!