Wake-up service 2/3: First Chamber deals with nitrogen law • Ask questions to Think leader Azarkan

Good morning! Think-leader Azarkan answers viewers questions on the YouTube and Facebook account at 9:15 AM. And the First Chamber deals with the Nitrogen Act, with which the Cabinet wants to get the construction back on track quickly.

Lets start with the weather. Today there are quite sunny periods. Especially in the north this morning quite a lot of cloudiness, but also there the sun breaks through later. It will be 9 to 15 degrees. Also tomorrow it is quite sunny and soft. The next few days it will be colder with a few showers on Thursday.

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The common idea of a loverboy who takes time and takes advantage of the infatuation of his victim is outdated. This is what the Centre against Child Trafficking and Human Trafficking (CKM) says in a new report.

According to the CKM, more than half of the victims investigated were not seized through an affective relationship with the offender, and then engaged in sexual acts with others: other coercive measures as threats and physical violence played a greater role. Perpetrators focus on young and vulnerable victims, such as minors in a youth institution.

The investigated perpetrators are young, on average 26.4 years old, and about 80 percent of them have a migration background. Most have not completed high school (36 percent) or have not completed further education (20 percent). Nearly two-thirds of the investigated perpetrators are in debt, and about 84% have already registered minor or serious offences. About 68 percent are already known to aid agencies.

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Sinabung volcano in North Sumatra, Indonesia has erupted today and has spit out volcanic material and hot ash. The eruption caused an avalanche of glow clouds (waves consisting of solid or semi-liquid lava, gas, rocks and ash) along the slopes near the city of Karo. Authorities are monitoring the mountain closely after sensors have noticed increasing activity in recent weeks.

There were no casualties during the eruption, Sinabung is one of more than 120 active volcanoes in Indonesia. Around 30,000 people have been forced to leave their homes around Sinabung in recent years.

The 2,600-metre-high Sinabung slumbered four centuries before it exploded in 2010, killing two people. Another eruption in 2014 killed 17 people, while seven died in an eruption in 2016, and the volcano has since emerged sporadically.