Wake-up service 23/10: New repatriation flight from Morocco โ€ข Verhoeven battles for world title

Good morning! The second Dutch repatriation flight departs from Morocco to Schiphol. And Rico Verhoeven is fighting for the heavyweights world title.

The weather first. The Northwest has to do with cloud fields from the North Sea. A slight mood may fall locally, but usually it is dry. The sun shines regularly in the rest of the country. With temperatures around 12 degrees and moderate southwest winds, it is quiet and pretty pleasant autumn weather.

Are you going on the road? Here you can find the list of traffic jams and operations. Check the train timetable here.

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Before Alec Baldwin shot a woman on the Rust movie set, he is said to have heard that he was holding an unloaded gun. According to US media, released information about the police investigation shows that a directorate assistant told Baldwin that the firearm was cold, meaning there are no bullets and no loose barkies in it.

The assistant director wouldnt have known that there were bullets in it. The first time Baldwin pulled the gun out of the holster, nothing happened yet. When he repeated that movement, he fired an unknown number of bullets. In addition, a camera woman was killed and the director was injured.

US media goes on to report that there was already a similar incident on the set of Rust last weekend. The actor doing the stunts for Baldwin would have accidentally fired two bullets at the time, after he was also told that the firearm was unloaded,

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EU leaders said goodbye to German Chancellor Merkel in Brussels. She got a statuette from EU President Charles Michel. It is an artistic impression of the Europe building in Brussels, created by Dutch Maxim Duterre, student at the Design Academy in Eindhoven.

โ€œI hope it gets a nice spot in her house and its not used as a paperweight,โ€ he tells deCCeit. โ€œShe gets so many things, but I hope it doesnt end up in the closet or in a box where she keeps the prices she received during her time as Chancellor.โ€

Happy Saturday!