Wake-up service 24/11: high-speed court sessions after riots โ€ข Reclassification elections in 11 municipalities

Good morning! The first three suspects of the riots in Rotterdam will be in court this afternoon during a speed trial. And in a number of municipalities in North Holland and Brabant, reclassification elections are taking place.

A lot of cloud cover and regional fog occurs in the interior. This afternoon, the fog gradually rises, and then it becomes a maximum of 9 degrees.

Are you going on the road? Here you can find the overview of the activities. Check the timetable for the rail road here.

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OMT members are fiercely lashing out at politics. IC head Diederik Gommers warns against code black in ten days. According to him, it would be wise not to talk about 2G, but about a hard lockdown. Doctormicrobiologist Marc Bonten calls it โ€œincredibly importantโ€ in Nieuwsuur that the cabinet dares to make hard choices.

โ€œSee what its like in the hospitals, look at todays numbers. Look at the numbers of the last few weeks. Look at the support for the current measures and how they are implemented. Something needs to be done and politics must take responsibility for that. Both the cabinet and the House of Representatives groups,โ€ says Bonten.

Other news from the night:
And then just this:

Those who walk around in one of the canteens of the European Parliament will easily find a high chair. And if you pay attention, you regularly see a MEP walking through the building with a stroller. Maybe a crazy place for babies, but its not without reason.

The European Parliament still has no arrangement for women on maternity leave. That means that if a MEP is on leave, she cannot vote.

Lara Wolters, MEP for the PvdA, recently had a son; she takes him to prevent her voice from being lost:

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