Wake-up service 24/4: Windmill protest in Amsterdam โ€ข Conversation about situation Myanmar

Good morning! Today, the Windalarm action group protests against windmills in the IJmeer and countries in Southeast Asia talk about the situation in Myanmar.

We start with the weather: it is cloudy today. It remains dry, and with moderate northeast winds it becomes 10 to 14 degrees.

Are you going on the road? Here you will find the overview of the traffic jams and activities. Check the timetable for the track here.

What can you expect today?
What did you miss?

Dutch parliamentarians who thought they were talking to an employee of the Russian opposition leader Aleksey Navalny this week, were deceived. The man they spoke on Wednesday was a deep-fake-imitation of the chief of staff of the Russian opposition leader Leonid Volkov, confirms the House of Representatives after reporting from the Volkskrant.

The permanent Chamber Committee on Foreign Affairs is outraged by the deception. Members now want to have a conversation with the real Volkov. It is not clear who is behind the deception, but experts say in the newspaper that it has been worked for a long time, perhaps by state actors. ‘

DeepFak technology makes it possible to replace one face in a video for another face. That way, you can get someone to say anything they really didn‘t say at all.

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s this:

You have sports commentators and athletes. But baseball commentator Geoff Haxton shows that he can also catch a nice ball. During the college battle between Texas Tech and West Virginia, he does not hesitate when the ball comes straight at him.

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