Wake-up service 25/2: Commemoration February strike โ€ข NS presents annual results

Good morning! Today, the Dutch Railways present the annual results. And in Amsterdam the February strike is commemorated.

The weather: the day starts today with plenty of room for the sun and a moderate south wind. In the course of the afternoon, the wind turns west and clouds increase. In the south a splash of rain is already possible during the afternoon. The temperature is somewhat lower than the last few days, but at 13 to 17 degrees it remains soft. Tonight its cloudy and sometimes rain falls.

Are you going on the road? Here you will find the overview of the activities. Check the timetable for the track here.

What can you expect today?
What did you miss?

The side entrances to the Amsterdam Vondelpark remain closed today to reduce the crowds. Mayor Halsema announced that. There will also be additional supervision of the influx to the park. If that doesnt work, the park will be completely closed. The police evacuated the Vondelpark last night after visitors stopped following the coronameasures because of the crowds. When the police switched to evacuation, cops were thrown with bottles. A bystander was injured. Two people have been arrested.

Due to the beautiful weather it was busy in many parks in the country, also in Tilburg a park had to be vacated because of crowds. That municipality consults with the Spoorpark on measures to prevent similar crowds today.

More news from the night:
And then heres this:

Dinosaurs died out millions of years ago from the effects of a meteorite impact in Mexico. That suspicion had been there for a long time, but now scientists are absolutely sure: at the bottom of the crater, they took samples and found the evidence.

The discovery of iridium in the crater indicates the impact of a meteorite on that spot. Two Dutch also participated in the research. According to palaeontologist Jan Smit of the Vrije Universiteit, it was one of the last pieces they were looking for:

Good Thursday!