Wake-up service 25/9: Custom corona rules go into โ€ข Protest in The Hague

Good morning! The amended corona rules are going into action today and the women‘s road race is scheduled for the women’s world cup.

But first the weather: In the middle and north the day starts grey, in the south there is room for the sun pretty quickly. Later, the sun breaks through more and more places, and it reaches 18 to 23 degrees.

Are you going on the road? Here you can find the list of traffic jams and operations. Check the train timetable here.

What to expect today?
What did you miss?

The Dutch police are fully taking over the name of Amber Alert in the Netherlands. Minister Grapperhaus announced that in a letter to the House of Representatives.

The police will be granted the exclusive right to use the names Amber Alert and Missing Child Alert in the Netherlands for an indefinite period. The internet domains, social media accounts and image brands are also in the hands of the police.

People who follow Amber Alert continue to receive notifications as a result. โ€œWe are happy that police and minister Amber Alert continue and would like to congratulate them on it,โ€ says Amber Alert founder Frank Hoen. He doesn‘t want to say if money has been paid for the use of the name and image marks.

The police announced that they quit Amber Alert in April and to start using the Civic Net system in case of child disappearances. This was stopped by the House of Representatives under the leadership of JA21 leader Joost Eerdmans, who asked for a โ€œwarm agreementโ€. There were particularly concerns that the disappearance of the name would be detrimental to the number of investigations.

Other news from the night:
And then this:

Unvaccinated Dutch people will have to get tested from today if they want to go to the pub, for example. That’s not nearly as easy everywhere.

Happy Saturday!