Wake-up service 26/5: Climate Case ruling against Shell โ€ข MH17 judges viewing wreck

Good morning! The Hague court ruled in a unique case of Milieudefensie v Shell. And coach Frank de Boer announces the final selection of the Dutch team for the European Championships.

Occasionally sun and especially inland some showers. Later today from the north more clouds and some time rain. Strong westerly winds and up to 13 to 15 degrees. Tomorrow will also be a single mood, the days after that run dry with more sun and higher temperatures.

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The First Chamber has agreed to temporary laws regulating mandatory entry tests and quarantine requirements for travellers from countries with high coronavirus risk.

It took the cabinet some persuasion to get the House behind the plans, which passed through the House in mid-May.

GroenLinks eventually secured a majority in the Senate, but under certain conditions. For example, the test law must be disconnected from the Corona Act and the measures are not in place where people can keep a sufficient distance from each other.

Other news from the night:
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The moment American students get their yearbook is something that is long awaited every year. It is therefore very important for the students to be immortalized in it at their best. The outrage was great when some eighty students of the Bartraim Trail High School saw that their photos had been edited to cover parts of their neckline and dรฉcolletรฉ. For example, 15-year-old Riley O‘Keefe saw a black beam above her breasts, wearing โ€œher favorite outfitโ€.

The school dress code prescribes that girls should โ€œcover the entire shoulder and be modest and not revealing or disturbingโ€.

Parents want the โ€œantiqueโ€ dress code to be revised because it determines โ€œwhat girls wear, unlike boys, and that’s gender discrimination.โ€

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