Storm causes local damage – Day two appeal Mladic

Good morning! The cyclists compete for the European title on the road and it’s day two of the appeal against former general Mladic.

In general heavy gusts of wind are possible up to 90 km/hour, at sea gusts of wind up to 110 km/hour can occur. Cause of the strong wind? Storm Francis. In the course of the afternoon the wind decreases in strength. Today it is rather cloudy with scattered showers. It’s going to be 18 to 20 degrees.

Are you going out on the road today? Here you will find an overview of the activities. Check here the adjusted timetable for the railways.

What can you expect today?

It is the second day of the appeal in the case of Bosnian Serb ex-general Ratko Mladic and he will probably speak. Mladic was sentenced to life imprisonment by the ICTY in 2017 for genocide and crimes against humanity committed in Srebrenica. He appealed against this. The Chinese Minister of Foreign Affairs is visiting the Netherlands as part of a tour of Europe. At 17.00 hours he has a meeting with Minister Blok. At the beginning of the evening there is also a short meeting with Prime Minister Rutte. This afternoon the cyclists compete for the European titles on the road. The race can be followed from 13.45 via NPO 1, and in the CCeit app. Van der Poel is mentioned as a big contender. He has experienced riders such as Koen de Kort, Sebastian Langeveld and Pieter Weening around him to lead him to the European title.

What did you miss?

In The Hague, a woman was slightly injured when a tree blew over. Passers-by took her from under the branches. In Heerhugowaard a building scaffold fell over and in The Hague part of a facade came loose from a building under construction. The rubble ended up on the street.

Regional broadcaster Rijnmond reports that there are more than forty reports of damage in the Rotterdam region. The high point of the storm this morning was between 04.00 and 05.00 hours, with local gusts of wind exceeding 100 kilometres per hour. The code yellow warning is valid until 08.00 this morning.

Other news from the night:

In Amsterdam-Zuid last night another man was shot: he was taken to hospital. Nothing has been revealed about the perpetrator. A man was shot yesterday in the same street. According to Het Parool it was a 23-year-old rapper who is a member of a rap formation. According to the newspaper, this group is linked to international drug trafficking. Whether last night’s shooting has anything to do with that is not yet clear. The riots in Utrecht were sparked by vloggers on social media: that’s what mayor Den Oudsten said during a city council meeting. Because of the arrest of three vloggers it is now a lot calmer in the city. Den Oudsten wants to be able to get websites and messages on social media that call for riots out of the air faster. This is now difficult due to legislation and privacy rules, he says. Travelling by train will be cheaper for young people aged 12 to 18: on 1 September the NS will start with the new youth day card. This will allow young people to travel outside rush hour and at weekends for 7.50 euros. The NS announced the arrival of the ticket earlier. Only the start date and its implementation were unknown. Due to the corona crisis, the youth card will arrive later than planned.

And then this:

Today the first big action film since the coronation period will premiere. The film, Tenet, was directed by Christopher Nolan, known from films such as Inception and Dunkirk.

Fine day!