Wake up service 27/10: Seller trial ‘Middle X’ โ€ข Formation continues

Good morning! Today, the lawsuit against a man who allegedly sold โ€œsuicide powder.โ€ And the formation continues in a forest near Hilversum.

We start with the weather: a lot of cloud cover this morning, during the day it clears up more and more from the south. There is a strong southwest wind blowing and it reaches 15 to 17 degrees.

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What to expect today?
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Insurers caught some 13,000 people in a scam last year. In total, they tried to fraud for an amount of EUR 88 million.

Among the fraudsters, according to the Confederation of Insurers, there are more and more entrepreneurs. In 2019, 125 companies were fraudulent, 172 last year, and this year the counter is almost 200.

According to the insurers, the corona crisis may play a role in this. For example, there was a restaurateur who wanted to get rid of his business because he saw his turnover drop dramatically due to the forced hospitality closure. That‘s why he decided to start a fire in his case. He had to pay a compensation of 56,000 euros and has been sentenced to three years in prison, together with another suspect.

Other news from the night:
And then this:

A British artist is walking nearly 500 kilometres from his home town in Shropshire, west of Birmingham, to the Glasgow climate summit. He’s dragging a huge polar bear behind him all the way.

Artist Bamber Hawes created the 3-metre-high statue ‘Clarion’ of bamboo sticks, willow and paper. โ€œClarion the bear is not a bear, but a metaphor, a symbol,โ€ he says to AFP news agency. He hopes that people will walk along with him and engage in the conversation about climate change.

Happy Wednesday!