Wake-up service 27/8: Reconciliation of support package and budget – Team presentation Tour

Good morning! After a nightly coalition meeting, discussions on a new support package and the budget for 2021 continue today. And the participating teams in the Tour will be presented.

Today, cloud fields and explanations alternate. Locally there is a downpour and with at most moderate winds from different directions it becomes 18 to locally 23 degrees.

Are you going out on the road today? Here you will find an overview of the activities. Check here the adjusted timetable for the railways.

What can you expect today?

Ministers Koolmees and Wiebes will continue their discussions later today on a support package and the budget for 2021 with the social partners, trade unions and employers. Rutte thinks they can agree with the proposed measures. After a coalition meeting last night, there was still no white smoke. Two days before the Tour de France starts, the teams are traditionally presented to press and public. Because of the corona virus, the number of spectators is limited. There may be 1750 people in Nice. Tonight is the last broadcast of Sander Schimmelpenninck as presenter of talk show Op1. He stops, because: “It has never felt 100 percent like my role.” His successor is Jort Kelder, who previously preceded him as editor-in-chief of Quote

What did you miss?

The police tried to overpower Blake on Sunday using a taser. When that didn’t work, he walked to the driver’s side of the car and opened the door. When he wanted to get in he was shot seven times in the back by a policeman. According to his lawyers, he was paralyzed in the process. The event led to protests and much unrest in Wisconsin in recent days

Other news from the night:

And then this:

Amigo y enemigo were surprised when Lionel Messi announced his intention to leave FC Barcelona. Not only because he wanted to leave, but mainly because of the way he announced it to his club: by fax.

The BBC checked the story: did Messi really send his transfer request by fax? It turned out that the nuance of the Spanish postal system was a bit lost in translation.

Messi did not send a fax, but a burofax: a Spanish electronic registered letter. Actually a kind of authenticated PDF.

Fine day!