Wake-up service 29/10: Report on ‘black list’ Tax Authorities โ€ข Trudeau in the Netherlands

Good morning! Today, the Dutch Data Protection Authority will present a report on the list of potential fraudsters that the tax authorities kept, consult the ministers concerned about possible new corona measures and Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau will visit The Hague.

The weather: this morning it‘s sunny. From the southwest, the cloud cover is increasing and in the afternoon it starts to rain in Zeeland. At 16 to 18 degrees, it is soft and there is a moderate south wind. During the weekend, it stays soft at 15 degrees, but occasionally rain falls.

Are you going on the road? Here you will find an overview of the traffic jams and work. Check the timetable for the rail road here.

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The big red spot on Jupiter turns out to be a lot deeper than scientists previously suspected. The American space probe Juno has discovered that the stain, which is a massive storm, has a depth of 350 to 500 kilometers. The width of the storm is estimated at 16,000 kilometers.

Since 2016, Probe Juno has been around Jupiter and not only takes photos, but also collects data about the atmosphere, radiation and the core of the planet. In 2017, the Juno space probe sent photos of the big red spot to Earth for the first time.

That looked like this:

Other news from the night:
And then just this:

Tuschinski cinema in Amsterdam can now call itself royal. Mayor Halsema and Commissioner of the King Van Dijk announced yesterday in the name of the king, in the name of the king, that the film house can bear that predicate.

The official name of the cinema is now Royal Theater Tuschinski. โ€œA hundred years ago, the city received one of the most beautiful gifts ever, from Rotterdam’s Abraham Tuschinski,โ€ said Halsema. โ€œHe had the ambition to create the most beautiful and largest theater in Amsterdam to ‘create a dream factory’. It didn‘t stick to words,โ€ she continued.

We made this video earlier in response to Tuschinski’s 100 th anniversary:

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