Wake-up service 30/8: Verstappen racetrack in Belgium – Retrospective CCeit liberation project

Good morning to you! Lots of sport today: in the second stage of the Tour de France the peloton already has to go into the mountains, Max Verstappen starts from third position at the Belgian Grand Prix and in Utrecht it’s the second day of the National Championships Athletics.

The weather: in the coastal areas some showers are falling today and there is a lot of wind at sea. Inland it is dry at first, but later in the day it can start raining there as well. It gets 18 to 21 degrees.

Are you going on the road today? Here’s an overview of the activities. Check the adjusted rail timetable here.

What can you expect today?

After the many crashes yesterday in the first stage, today the second stage of the Tour de France is on the agenda. And that’s going to be climbing for the peloton: the menu includes two long climbs of the first category. The race can be seen from 13.10hrs onwards via NPO 1, the CCeit app and CCeit.nl and followed via Radio Tour de France on NPO Radio 1. Read all about the Tour de France here. Lewis Hamilton will be in pole position at the Spa-Francorchamps circuit on Sunday at the Belgian Grand Prix. The British Mercedes World Champion trumped his teammate Valtteri Bottas in qualifying. Max Verstappen qualified as number three for the race on his favourite circuit. The Belgian Grand Prix starts Sunday at 15.10 hrs and can be followed via a live blog on CCeit.nl and in the app and via Langs de Lijn on NPO Radio 1. In Utrecht athletes will be in action today on the second day of the NK Athletics. Because of the corona measures, this year’s championships will be held without an audience. Interested parties can watch from 10.00 a.m. via a live stream of the Athletics Union

What did you miss?

The head of U.S. intelligence, John Ratcliffe, is no longer going to brief Congress verbally about foreign interference in the presidential election. He’s only going to share that information in writing, he says. According to Ratcliffe, this will prevent the information from being misunderstood or politicized.

Some members of Congress have reacted furiously to the intelligence boss’s decision. President Trump supports it. He said the intelligence services were tired of congressmen passing on confidential information. “And even worse, they leaked the wrong information,” Trump said.

Other news from the night:

Large bicycle bridge placed over the A2 faster than expected: The 160-meter-long bridge was lifted over 14 lanes last night. The railing reacts to the speed at which someone passes the bridge. Motorists approaching see the structure slowly change colour. Death in a stabbing incident in the Venlo residence: Someone who was visiting had a tantrum and stabbed another guest. He died on the spot. The suspect is seriously injured in hospital. Dodental by collapsing restaurant China rises to 29: The restaurant, in the northern province of Sanxi, collapsed unexpectedly yesterday. The authorities don’t report any possible cause

And then this:

World War II news, but with today’s resources: that was the idea of the CCeit project 75 years liberation. After a year, the project comes to an end this week, starting with fleeing NSBs and Germans on Dolle Tuesday and ending with the signing of the Japanese capitulation.

In this review of the project, you’ll read that the editor-in-chief didn’t know about three quarters of the war stories at all. Many personal stories, for example about the Jewish woman who found her 7-year-old son after the war thanks to a photo in a magazine, are not generally known.

Even stories and images that you might not find in every history book got a place on the liberation site:

Have a nice day!