Wake-up service 3/5: Application for interim relief Virus Truth โ€ข Epic Games and Apple to court

Good morning! Today, an interim action brought by the Virus Truth action group. And in the US, a process followed by the tech world with great interest: the case between Fortnite developer Epic and Apple.

The weather today: It is rather cloudy with mainly scattered showers this afternoon. In the afternoon and evening the showers decrease temporarily. It reaches 11 to 14 degrees and there is a moderate to strong southwesterly winds. Tonight the clouds will thicken and by midnight it will rain again.

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Due to the coronacrisis, the number of air passengers to and from the Netherlands has fallen by 82.6 percent last year. According to the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), between March last year and February this year, 14.1 million people travelled to and from one of the five national airports in the Netherlands.

The tremendous decline is due to the travel ban announced by the Cabinet last March. The day after the press conference on 13 March, the number of passengers fell by more than half. Over the next few weeks, the numbers declined steadily, with a low of 24,600 passengers in mid-April. A year earlier, this was 1.6 million.

The number of flights declined less than the number of passengers: 258,000 flights, more than half less than a year earlier in the same period. So the passenger planes were less full. With fewer flights, CO2 emissions also decreased: it decreased by almost half.

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Puzzling is perhaps one of the most typical corona hobbies, but some really make it a sport. In January, the Pile family started a jigsaw puzzle of 42,000 pieces at a campsite in Diffelen in Overijsselse.

The initiator is camping owner Aaron Stack, but the whole family and some neighborhood children puzzled for months. The goal was to finish the puzzle in the May holidays, and we succeeded. Today, the mayor will put the final piece.

In January, the CCEIT Jeugdjournaal visited the family Pile. Then the puzzlers were not so far:

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