Wake-up service 4/7: Second Mountain Stage in Tour โ€ข Verstappen on pole in Austria

Good morning! It will be another Sunday for sports enthusiasts, with another Alpine stage in the Tour de France and the Grand Prix of Austria.

Weather: Today the clouds prevail, although sometimes the sun can break through. In the south there is a first rain or thunderstorm this morning. This afternoon there are showers active in more places. It will be 18 to 20 degrees by the sea and 21 to 23 degrees inland if the sun breaks for a while.

Are you going on the road? Here you can find the overview of the work. Check the track timetable here.

What can you expect today?
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At Miami, rescue workers shut down the search for missing people who are presumably buried under the debris of the collapsed apartment building. Preparations are now being made to demolish the remains of the unstable building before tropical storm reaches Elsa Florida.

Construction workers drill holes in the foundation to place explosives. Thats a risky job: according to the fire brigade, theres a chance that the building will collapse even while drilling. As a precaution, rescue workers have temporarily stopped the search. The rest of the flat may be shot down on Sundays.

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Every day, well talk to you in a video about everything you need to know about the World Cup 2021. Today:

Happy Sunday!