Wake-up service 5/6: Museums, theatres and cinemas open โ€ข Astrazeneca refusors make new appointment

Good morning! A new series of eases is launched today: museums, theatres and cinemas are reopening. And restaurants are allowed to receive people inside again.

The weather today: the day starts with a lot of cloudiness and in many places rainfall occasionally. During the day, the risk of rain decreases and especially in the west the sun breaks through. At 16 to 20 degrees, it‘s a lot cooler.

Are you going on the road? Here you will find the overview of the activities. Check the timetable for the track here.

What can you expect today?
What did you miss?

PVV MP Dion Graus is again accused of sexual harassment and abuse of power. A former group member says that Graus has forced her to โ€œa lot of serious thingsโ€, reports NRC. The MP contradicts the accusations.

According to the newspaper, the young woman reported the abuse in February to the former President of the Chamber Khadija Arib and a counsellor of the House of Representatives. It is not clear what the woman means by the โ€œvery many serious thingsโ€ that Graus would have forced her to do. She says he was going to stalk her after she turned him down.

Graus denies that he abused the former group employee. He talks to NRC about a plot by part of the PVV Group against him.

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s this:

To which country can we safely go on vacation? The travel recommendations for some holiday countries are whimsical, so many travellers are waiting for books. Many fear a โ€œflashing light summerโ€. โ€œThe fun goes off a little bitโ€.

Good Saturday!