Wake-up service 6/10: Ruling on free contraception โ€ข Threat De Jonge before judge

Good morning! The judge judges today whether contraception should be free for everyone in the Netherlands. And for the first time in a year and a half, the Jaarbeurs Utrecht will take place again, one for camping enthusiasts.

Weather: today regulated showers at about 15 degrees. In the course of the day, the showers move south east and it gradually gets drier with clearance.

Are you going on the road? Here you can find the list of traffic jams and operations. Check the train timetable here.

What to expect today?
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Mark Zuckerberg denies whistleblower Frances Haugen‘s accusation that Facebook values profit over user safety. He responded via a post from his own Facebook account.

Haugen stepped out last weekend in interviews with US channel CBS and The Wall Street Journal newspaper. She previously worked as a data scientist on the team to counter act disinformation on Facebook. In the interviews, she said that Facebook chose solutions that benefited the company’s profits over and over again.

In his Facebook post, Zuckerberg takes a closer look at Haugen‘s claims, which he says โ€œmake no senseโ€. He points out that Facebook is investing a lot of money in combating harmful content: โ€œIf we didn’t care about that, why do we employ so many more people who are competing against this than any other company in our sector?โ€

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The special ‘Gamen Sans Drempels’ event was held in Purmerend yesterday, for people with and without disabilities. โ€œGaming is really a part you do together,โ€ says the initiator:

Happy Wednesday!