Wake-up service 6/5: Debate on test proofs โ€ข Elections in Scotland

Good morning! Today, the House of Representatives debates with demissionary minister De Jonge about test proofs, presents Air France-KLM the quarterly figures and the Scots go to the polls for the parliamentary elections.

Weather: Today, clouds predominate in the south and there may be some rain here and there. In the north there is also sun with a chance of a mood. It becomes 10 to 12 degrees with moderate westerly winds.

Are you going on the road? Here you will find the overview of the activities. Check the timetable for the track here.

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If its up to the United States, patents on coronavaccins are temporarily released. Other producers could therefore produce vaccines. Until yesterday, the United States was opposed to releasing patents. Many countries believe that releasing is the best way to address the vaccine deficiency. Now that the US thinks so, maybe more countries will follow, writes news agency Bloomberg.

The European Union, the United Kingdom, Japan, Switzerland, Brazil and Norway are against the proposal. It is still unclear whether they will change their position after the USs change of course.

Other news from the night:
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It was a special Liberation Day yesterday. No festivals and free markets because of the corona restrictions, but a 5 May lecture by German Chancellor Merkel, live streams of artists and Freedom Soup.

Watch the video for a look back:

Good Thursday!