Wake-up service 6/7: Supreme Court verdicts in ‘less Moroccans’ process • First semifinal EC

Good morning! The Supreme Court today gives the final review of the long-running less Moroccans process against PVV leader Wilders. It is also the second day of the royal state visit to Germany. And Italy and Spain are facing each other in the European Championship semifinals tonight.

It blows considerably and by the sea is quite powerful to strong southwestern winds with a chance of strong gusts of gusts around 75 kilometers per hour. Above land the wind is moderate to quite powerful. It‘s about 20 to 23 degrees.

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The Kennemerland Safety Region has independently investigated the creation of a GGD report on the high number of lung cancer cases in and around Beverwijk. The research starts as soon as possible. As long as it runs, GGD Director Van de Velden will hand over the management of employees involved in the report to the Director of the Safety Region.

This weekend, the Noordhollands Dagblad reported that Van de Velden was in person to remove Tata Steel’s name from the report on the high number of lung cancer cases in and around Beverwijk. Tata was mentioned in draft versions, but not in the final report. The word Tata should not be used, he would have dedicated to an employee.

The President of the Security Region, Schuurmans, writes that GGD reports must be independent, objective and scientifically substantiated. This must be beyond any doubt, she writes in a statement. According to Schuurmans, it is important that clarity comes quickly.

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For the first time since the start of the corona pandemic, King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima started a state visit again yesterday. The king couple landed with the government device in Germany, with the king as co-pilot. The state visit started somewhat unaccustomed by a refusal umbrella, but then the king moved to a state banquet via guided tours and photo moments. The visit lasts a total of three days.

A summary of the first day;

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