Wake-up service 7/9: Cabinet presents Groeifonds – Assange in court again

Good morning! Minister Hoekstra and Wiebes present today their investment fund for which they will borrow billions and the Dutch national team will play soccer against Italy tonight in Amsterdam.

The weather: it’s dry almost everywhere and there are hefty explanations. There is little wind and the afternoon temperature is between 18 and 21 degrees.

Are you going on the road today? Here’s an overview of the work. Check the railway timetable here.

What can you expect today?

At 10 a.m., the Cabinet presents the National Growth Fund, for which a total of 20 billion euros can be borrowed over the next five years. That money is to be used for long-term investments, such as projects in knowledge development, infrastructure, research and innovation. The process of handing over WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to the United States continues in London. The case was on hold for months because of the corona outbreak. At 9 p.m. the Dutch Team plays in the Nations League against Italy. That game can be seen live at the CCeit, on NPO 3 and CCeit.nl

What did you miss?

Rents have risen sharply in the past year, says the CBS. People pay on average 2.9 percent more rent than a year earlier. That’s the biggest increase in six years.

The fact that rents have risen so much is mainly due to higher inflation. Because if it gets higher, then the law allows rents to go up as well. Especially in Rotterdam and The Hague, tenants started to pay more. Rents rose by 4.1 and 3.6 percent.

In the free sector, where there are no rules, rents rose by an average of 3 percent. But when new residents arrived, the price went up as much as 9.5 percent.

Other news from the night:

The British government wants to be able to nullify agreements with the EU on the brexit: a bill should make that possible. Anonymous sources say to the Financial Times that, among other things, the agreements on the Irish border can be nullified by that law. This is very sensitive, because Ireland absolutely does not want a hard border with the United Kingdom. It is clearly busier in nature reserves this year and that leads to problems: find many foresters and boas. Three-quarters of the surveyed enforcers think that the recreational bustle is bad for nature and half of them think that tourism in nature “runs out of steam”. This is evident from a tour of the TV programme De Monitor. Forest rangers and boas complain about, among other things, waste, illegal festivities, open fire in vulnerable areas. Hurricane Haishen is heading for South Korea today: authorities have evacuated about a thousand people and, as a precaution, train and air traffic is partly at a standstill. Many people in the south of the country are already without power. The hurricane previously passed Japan. Nearly six million people have been evacuated and half a million people have no electricity. At a wedding in Rijsbergen, a 15-year-old boy was seriously injured during a stabbing: according to the police there was a quarrel between two groups of wedding guests and outside the venue it got out of hand. Not long after the stabbing, the police arrested two people in a car further down the road in Zundert; they are suspected of involvement

And then there was this:

Novak Djokovic again apologized for the incident with the linesman. A few hours after the incident, the tennis player on Instagram expressed his regret. “It makes me very sad and empty. Luckily the linesman feels well. I am very sorry that I caused her so much stress. Unintentionally. But so wrong.”

The tennis player was disqualified in the fourth round of the US Open. When he lost his service game, he hit a tennis ball out of frustration. It got a line judge against her throat.

The tennis player was shocked and immediately made his apologies, but the referee had no choice but to disqualify him. Djokovic played against the Spaniard Pablo Carreno. He’s now in the eighth finals of the grandslam tournament.

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