Wake-up service 9/11: New coronavirus rules France • State visit to Norway

Good morning! French President Macron gives a speech today about possible new corona measures, and King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima embark on their state visit to Norway.

First the weather: In the west it is cloudy today with occasional rain. It‘s sunny in the east. It will be about 11 degrees. In the coming days, the calm autumn weather remains with occasional cloud cover, sun and sometimes showers.

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What to expect today?
What did you miss?

Due to a rapidly rising number of corona infections, nursing homes cannot wait months for a booster shot against the virus. The extra shot has to be set this month if possible, say health care managers in Nieuwsuur.

Actiz and SPOT industry associations also say vaccines need to reach residents and nursing home staff faster. The number of sites with infected residents rose rapidly to 510, 20 percent of the total number of nursing homes in recent weeks.

Demissionary Minister De Jonge says to see if the extra jab can be early.

Other news from the night:
And then this:

The four astronauts who took a rocket from SpaceX to the ISS International Space Station at the end of April are back on Earth. A little after 4:30am, their Dragon capsule landed in the Gulf of Mexico near the U.S. state of Florida.

The return trip was a bit uncomfortable for the passengers. The toilet was broken in the capsule, causing the crew to wear diapers during the eight-hour flight.

The toilet, which with a suction system ensures that everything goes in the right direction in weightlessness, proved to be leaking, causing concerns about corrosion of aluminium parts of the spacecraft. That’s why the astronauts were instructed not to use the toilet. That‘s not optimal, of course, said astronaut Megan McArthur during a return video interview, but we can deal with it during the time we’re on board the Dragon.

Happy Tuesday!