Wall Street keeps doors closed to Martin Luther King Day

The US stock markets are closed on Monday due to the celebration of Martin Luther King Day


This week, among other things, is marked by the change of the guard in the White House on Wednesday with the official entry of Joe Biden as the new US president. Departing President Donald Trump who still disputes the election results will not be present.

Furthermore, the American grades season is quite loose. Among other things, Netflix, Morgan Stanley and IBM have access to the results in the last quarter of 2020

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investors are looking forward to the progress of US industry and service industries. There is also a lot of woe on the existing housing market in the US.

New York stock exchanges went into the long weekend with a loss on Friday. The Dow-Jones index ended 0.6% in the minus at 30,814.26 points. The broad S&P 500 fell 0.7% to 3768 points and Nasdaq technology fair fell 0.7% to 12,804 points.