Wandering again on ‘The Imaginary Island’ of Oerol

Coronate supplenations came just too late for Urol. That‘s why the festival, which attracts around fifty thousand visitors to Terschelling every year, decided to let people wander virtually over ‘Het Imaginaire Eiland‘ just like last year.

This means that from the comfort of your own home from 11 to 20 June you can still enjoy the Oerol feeling with a mix of (live) streams, radio plays and movies. For example, Willem de Bruin, by the rap duo The Opposites, debuts with Sppug van God, a personal theatre performance about identity, family and being different in an original Dutch village. As a chameleon, he constantly adapts himself to the situation or company he is in throughout his life. As a result, he doesn’t even know who Willem really is anymore. Spit of God van Likeminds is recorded at Terschelling around sunrise and sunset and can be seen online from June 12th.


Exactly ten years ago, BERG&BOS played during Oerol the performance Het jaar van de schlager, about the death of a friend ten years earlier. At the same precious place on Terschelling this festival was scheduled for a new performance, but that has now been replaced for the five-part musical radio play I am also there (from 12 June) about learning to live with loss, to be forgotten and how long you can live in memories.

Nineties Productions has experimented heavily with online performances over the past year and even built their own digital environment. Especially for Oerol the show Untitled_2021 will be played at Terschelling and streamed live. A fictional story inspired by the ideas of, among others, the feminist philosopher, biologist, sociologist Donna J. Haraway and based on the not so fictitious situation in which the world is now in. The performance will premiere on Thursday 17 June.


Meanwhile Karlijn Kistemaker begins with good courage to complete her journey through the famous book Hundred Years of loneliness by Colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez, who has always been closely linked to her own life. Her great-uncle Kees van den Broek made the Dutch translation. On the way, however, doubt strikes, fate even. But the book needs to be fathom, there‘s no turning back. Not even if you’re afraid of what comes after the end. This film (shot in one take) is the last part of her series Missie Márquez, which is also easy to follow when you missed the first parts (which were shown as a theatre performance).

For more info: oerol.nl