Wanted Russian cyber criminal detained at Schiphol

The Royal Military Police arrested a Russian businessman at Schiphol on 2 November on suspicion of large-scale hacking attacks. The 29-year-old Denis Doebnikov is said to belong to the Russian ransomware group Ryuk. The arrest happened at the request of the U.S. FBI.

According to the arrest warrant recognized by the Volkskrant, Ryuk is responsible for 2400 digital hostage software infections in the last two years. That would have earned the group 87 million euros in ransom. Dubnikov would have laundered ransom money.

The Russian had previously been stopped in Mexico during a flight to Bolivia, presumably at the request of the Americans. He was ordered to buy a ticket for a flight to Moscow with a stopover in Amsterdam. There he was detained by the military police. The Public Prosecutors Office is likely to hand him over to the Americans.

The arrest is seen as a big catch. Among other things, Ryuk would be responsible for ransomware attacks on US hospitals last year. Russia does not deliver nationals, which makes it difficult to tackle Russian cyber criminals. Many hostage software attacks are attributed to Russian hacker groups.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Doebnikov has left over 350,000 euros to work for Ryuk. His lawyer says his client is innocent.