Wapiti deer finally got rid of 16 kilos of heavy car tire around neck after two years

A Wapiti deer that walked through the hills of Colorado state with a car tire around its neck for two years has finally been freed from the big thing. Thats reported on Twitter on Monday.

The four-and-a-half year-old male had to be sedated first. Then his antlers were removed as well, writes a Colorado Parks and Wildlife region account on Twitter. ,, We would rather have cut the car tire to spare the antlers,โ€ says nature manager Scott Murdoch in a statement Monday. But there was no other option; in the wheel there was a steel frame that they couldnt cut through.

The animal has left a small wound to the liberation action and he also misses some hair on his neck.

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the male has had to carry a lot of pounds over the past two years. The band had become very heavy, because there were all pine needles and dirt in it. At one point, the obstacle weighed as much as 16 kilos. The deer was in very good condition after removal.

Bronze Age

The deer was spotted with a band around his neck for the first time in 2019. The animal, which weighs 270 kilos, was seen in several places but disappeared in winter for a longer period of time.

Previous attempts to redeem the animal were hampered because conservationists could not get close enough. But since its bronze age now, it finally succeeded.