War Hospital developers announce collaboration with Imperial War Museum

Polish studio Brave Lamb, which works on War Hospitals global military strategy, has entered into a partnership agreement with Britains Imperial War Museum. This is an organization that specialises in wars: from World War I to the present day. Museum experts will advise developers on historical aspects of the game and act as advisors.

War Hospital will therefore be the first game the realism of which the Imperial War Museum. War Hospital action begins in 1917 and players will fall out the role of a British medic who heads a field hospital in France, close to the front line.

Our mission is to manage a team of medics, care for the injured, and develop medical technology in a resource-limited environment. One of the key aspects of the game will be the triage of the injured: doctors will have to build predictions of recovery based on the nature of the wounds and the background of the fighters.

This will show how hard choices medics have to make on the front. War Hospital will be on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X at the end of 2022.

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