War Mongrels to add concrete tank to collectors edition

Gliwicki studio Destructive Creations is getting serious about the upcoming premiere of its isometric tactical game War Mongrels, which will appear on RS in September. And confirms this with the release of a collectible version of the game. The limited edition included a range of souvenirs made โ€œin Europe with love and passion, not Chinese trinkets.

โ€ They include: a T-shirt with the games logo, a mug with personalized lettering, a metal poster, a magnet with the studio logo, a barbed wire mug stand and a replica of the German soldier Toked. The collectors most โ€œweightyโ€ ingredient will surely be a tabletop tank organizer, cast from architectural concrete.

The concrete tank can be bumped into pens and other stationery and also includes a smartphone stand. All limited edition content, including the games Steam key, are pack in a tin a chest similar to ammo boxes.

And these sets will produce just 1944 pieces. The story of Wehrmacht fighters who became deserters and started fighting guerrilla warfare behind enemy lines will also appear on consoles.

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