War Thunder players filmed a video in support of the film about Lydia Litvyak

We‘ve already heard about the work that the KTS Alliance is doing in War Thunder, which organized a virtual Victory Day parade with 120 players. And now the Alliance, once again with the help of the IRSS virtual aerobatic team, has shot a special video dedicated to the future Litvyak film. Lydia Litvyak, The White Lily of Stalingrad is the most the world’s most efficient fighter pilot, even the Guinness Book of World Records confirms.

The girl hit the front at 21, and died at 23. And a couple of months before that, her husband, whom she met at the front, died.

For their video, War Thunder players used Yak-1 and Yak-1B aircraft flown by Lydia Litvyak. 28 Panfilovtsy is working on the film about the unbeatable female ace.

As with the first film, filming is conducted with people‘s money, and it is collected through Patreon. More money is needed this time, as difficult aerial filming is coming up, and it’s not easy to find the right planes, so it takes 400 million rubles.

First teaser of the film โ€œLitvak& raquo; has already been released. The main role in the film is played by Polina Chernyshova, known for her role as Aksigna in โ€œSilent Donโ€ by Alexander Ursuliak.

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