Warbook “On Clogs Through the Dessa” in Unique Theatre

A special war story, in a very special setting. Creative producers Ton Offerman and Danny van Zuijlen bring the piece Op clogs to the theatre through the dessa inspired by Hylke Speerstra‘s book of the same name. But not to the theater as we know it, comfortably spectating from a red plush chair.

In this production, the visitor walks around a purpose-built farm, experiencing, in a 360-degree setting, the impressive story of a conscript Dutch soldier deployed in the Dutch East Indies to restore authority over the former colony.

Replicas of photographs, diaries and letters, compiled by collection researchers, reinforce the story and give a face to the eventful history. Partly due to real-life gaming elements, this is an experience you don’t want to miss, says Van Zuijlen.

Clogs through the dessa can be visited from September at special locations in Vlissingen, Leeuwarden and The Hague. For more info, see: opklompendoordedessa.nl