Warface players available cross-play on all consoles

Pixagon Games and Allods Team studios, backed by publisher My. Games, have connected a version of Warface for Nintendo Switch to the overall crossplay. Players from all three platform types can now meet in battle and play on shared servers.

The Nintendo Switch version was the third in the overall cross-platform. Previously, these capabilities have already been opened for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

You can turn them on or off in the game settings. RS-players do not participate in general battles.

All console players can communicate in voice and text chat. They can also use shared servers, which reduces match search time.

But it is not yet possible to move your progress from one console to another due to technical limitations. The free online shooter Warface has more than 22 million players.

The game now hosts the “Swarm” season with a special operation of the same name, new enemies, unique weapons and PVP cards. Players are also available a battle pass with stylized gun series, looks sets, and other awards.

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