Warner Bros. set to release about 10 films on HBO Max in 2022

WarnerMedia chief Jason Kilar revealed Warner Bros. is set to produce 10 or more tapes for HBO Max in 2022. It‘s about original releases, not the hybrid output model, which is relevant for the 2021.

As the studio has previously reported, after the end of the year, there will be a return to the traditional model, even though with a reduced release window between cinemas and media. In Kilar’s view, the industry is unlikely to return entirely to the old rules of 2015-2017, but Warner Bros.

is not going to abandon cinemas. In particular, the success of Godzilla vs.

Kong showed audiences willing to watch similar pictures on the big screen. What kind of pictures for HBO Max was not specified, but they may have included upcoming movies about Blue Beetle and Batgröl on DC comics.

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