Warner Bros. to release feature-length anime by ‘Lord of the Rings’

Warner Bros. and New Line have joined forces to create an anime based on The Lord of the Rings — it will be released in theaters. The project entitled The Lord of the Rings: War Rohirrim will tell the story of Helmova Padi, as well as the man in whose honor she was named — King Rohan named Helm, who has spent a huge part of life in battles.

The action will unfold approximately 260 years before the second film of the original trilogy. Ghost in Armor: Single-Man Syndrome author Kenji Kamiyama is responsible for the production, while Jeffrey Addis and Will Matthews (Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance worked on the script ).

The project will be linked to the Peter Jackson films, however there is no exact premiere date. At the same time, due to the early release of the series Amazon studios accelerated development and are already searching for voice actors.

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