Wartales RPG launches Early Access on December 1

Known for Northgard strategy and Evoland role-playing adventure, Shiro Games is releasing its new game very soon. Wartales tactical role-playing strategy will appear on Steam Early Access on December 1. Wartales takes place in the dark world of the former Edoran Empire that has fallen due to the plague.

Chaos has reigned in its place, with mercaries, bandits, and assassins thriving. Players have to lead a squad and guide it through deadly areas.

There will be no heroes in our group, a bunch of mediocre unscrupulous mercees. And they have only one role: to survive so that they can tell any tales of their exploits.

Players have to explore the vast game world, learn its history and search for relive, participate in turn-based battles with humans and beasts, develop your associates and camp, rescue oncoming people โ€” for money โ€” and hunt for bounty. Get to know the game now: free Wartales demo is available on Steam.

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