Warzone Idle allows you to conquer the world without straining

The author of WarLight and Warzone, Randy Ficker, known as Fizzer, released his new game, Warzone Idle. And its main feature is we can take over the world, but it doesn‘t take serious work. The more we rest, the more successful the conquest.

The secret is simple: at the very beginning of the game we are given a military camp, which relentlessly produces soldiers. To capture adjacent territories you need an army of a certain size, and it is recruited over time, even if you do not buy improvements.

In new territories can find a treasure with soldiers, gold or resources. Mines or factories may be located there, allowing coal or ore to be extracted and melted into ingots.

And the money earned allows you to invest in improvements that accelerate progress. All required resources are accumulated automatically, so that the game is suitable for reminiscing about it once every few hours.

A number of levels are available for single passage, from real world map to fantasy fortresses. And fans of the online game can compete with 30 other players.

Warzone Idle is available for free on iOS and Android. You can also play in the browser.

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