Washington wants to talk about French discontent security pact at UN

The US government hopes to be able to discuss French dissatisfaction over the deletion of a billion-dollar contract with Australia for submarine purchase at the United Nations General Assembly next week. A spokesperson on Twitter reports that.

โ€œWe have been in close contact with our French allies,โ€ writes Foreign Ministry spokesman Ned Price. โ€œWe understand their position.โ€ The speaker expresses the hope that talks about the submarine issue can continue at a high level, including at the UN next week in New York.

The cancellation of the deal is a result of the AUKUS security pact, which Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom recently closed. That pact is seen by analysts as an effort to cope with Chinas growing influence.

At the top of the priority list is arranging a fleet of nuclear propulsion submarines for Australia. For that, the government will have access to American technology. That decision costs the French defence sector over EUR 30 billion. Paris has reacted furiously. President Emmanuel Macron called back his ambassadors to Australia and the United States on Friday for consultation on the issue.