Waterlogging China causes dozens of deaths: typhoon coming

In Henan Province of China, at least 51 people have died because of the weather that plagues the region. The heavy rain showers migrate north, while a typhoon moves towards the affected area.

The last three days in some places have been as much rain as normally falls in a year. Many roads have been destroyed and much of the affected province is flooded with a layer of mud. Chinas state television said that the damage was up to about 9 billion euros.

More than 495,000 people have been evacuated due to the weather. Many people have been brought to safety by special boats or helicopters. Video shows that in some places only the treetops are left above the water.

Typhoon In-Fa is now approaching the east coast of China. There, storm foothills have already poured a lot of rain, just like in Taiwan. The Chinese Meteorological Center expects the storm to linger in the eastern region and can cause a lot of rainfall there for an extended period of time. During periods of flood, flood warnings are in effect on the East China coast.