Waterpoloër Winkelhorst won’t be German after all: ‘Sorry for confusion’

Water polo player Jorn Winkelhorst has stopped his attempt to become a German. “My pride in being a Dutchman turned out to be stronger than the will to keep a chance at the Games.”

as far as Orange is concerned don’t change anything

Winkelhorst, who has been playing at the German Waspo Hannover for years, does stick to his decision not to play for the Dutch anymore. “Who knows what the future holds, but it’s better to focus on my club for now.”

The 28-year-old mid front does not agree with the changes that have been made in the Dutch team, but he keeps to himself what changes are involved. “Sorry for all the confusion”, he closes his argument.

The Netherlands and Germany are in the same group at the Olympic qualification tournament in Rotterdam in February. There, the last three tickets for the Olympic Games in Tokyo can be earned.