WB didnt want to admit that the first “Justice League” was a “piece of go*on”

On the portal Vanity Fair published material about the behind-the-scenes problems of the production of Justice League, where they revealed new details and showed fresh photos. After the production of Zach Snyder was handed to Joss Whedon, the finished version of the picture was watched by Deborah Snyder, producer and wife of Zach. Along with her at the closed screening was Christopher Nolan.

After watching, they walked up to Snyder and said, You can never watch this movie. Vanity FairAccording to Deborah Snyder, her husbands heart would have broken if he saw the theatrical version of the film.

And amid her daughters suicide, it could have had terrible consequences. The director himself said that this tragedy was the main reason why he left the League, and later — the reason why he returned back, dedicating the project to his child.

When Snyder had just begun work on the film, the studio credited him with Jeff Jones and John Burg as caretakers who made their suggestions regarding the tape. In particular, they dealt with humor and other such moments.

They did not scare Snyder himself, because their ideas were not some radical. But some things the studio still refused to support.

So, Snyder wanted to include in the film a romantic line between Lois Lane and Bruce Wayne after the death of Superman. According to the author, this would have added to Batman a complex new internal conflict as he needed to bring the hero back to life.

After Joss Whedon finished her version of the film, she was shown in the studio. One of the representatives of WB anonymously said that everyone in the firm realized that they had a failure on their hands.

They didnt like the first scene of the roof robbery, the plot with the family at the end of the tape, and so on. Everyone knew that.

It was extremely embarrassing as no one wanted to admit how much of it was a piece of go*on. Vanity FairAfter Snyder got the chance to finish his film, the studio initially suggested he just release a draft version — with no music or effects.

The director refused as he strongly doubted the noble intentions of the studio. In the end, WB had to make the producers concessions, giving him complete freedom of vision.

And although the budget of the new version was somewhere 70 million dollars, Snyder himself will not receive a penny for it. In addition, the article raised the question of fans who not only supported the project, but also collected half a million dollars to an anti-suicide fund.

According to Deborah, when talking about aggressive fans of Snyder, they ignore that else they saved someones lives . Other interesting facts from the article: Gal Gadot was going to leave business before Snyder chose her for the role of Wonder Woman When Snyder left the studio, he left unfinishedThe version of League on the laptop — he thought he would show it to friends Studio demanded that the film go no more than two hours Joss Whedon to the venue was brought by Jeff Jones — but Snyder was at first okay In the final of the film there will be a cameo hero that will blow the fans brain In Army of the Dead zombie virus breaks out of Area 51.

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