We did it! We did it! Abel walked 4300 kilometers through America

It took 150 days, but they did it. The Belgian Abel walked the Pacific Crest Trail with his father. That is a tough hiking trail that starts in Mexico, goes straight through the United States and ends in Canada.

The route is 4300 kilometers long. That means they walked between 30 and 35 kilometres a day. They started the route in March.

The two of them were both wearing thick backpacks during the hike. It contained all kinds of things they needed. Abel slept 150 nights on an air mattress in a tent.

Abel and his father flew to America just before corona time. Abel had arranged with his teacher that he could stay away from school for a while. He worked a lot better and is now going into quarantine for two weeks. In that time he will also work a lot on school.