“We do not raise heads”: Godfall authors promise the game a future

The other day, on November 12, the release of the action film Godfall took place: the game was the first announced for the new PlayStation 5 console, but in addition it came out on the RS, in Epic Games Store. The first reviews from critics proved very low-key. But the developers are determined to bring the project to mind.

In the first post-release patch studio Counterplay Games has fixed a number of game bugs on both platforms, and at the same time told about the near future Games. For starters, developers want to achieve technical well-being: ensure stability and high quality of the very basis of the game.

Theyre already working on it not lifting their heads. And only after that the team will begin to talk about improving the quality of the game process.

But some upcoming changes have already been announced. In particular, the studio plans to add a slider of the field of view, introduce the ability to collect trophies not alone, as well as other quality of life enhancements.

And before that, she wants to hear the opinions and suggestions of the players. More at the Gambling Festival of Women Speedraners Frame Fatales will open on November 15 Spiritic horror Apparition released on Nintendo Switch Began beta testing In The Black, authors distribute 100 thousand keys.