‘We don’t recognize ourselves in Babel’s statement in the Netherlands at all’

Ryan Babel‘s statements about the percentage of football players who fall bankrupt after their careers are untrue. This is what Ben-Ivar Kolster, financial coach of player union VVCS, says to the Algemeen Dagblad.
In a major interview in the AD, Babel noted that more than seventy percent of football players are bankrupt within five years of ending their careers. Those numbers are refuted by Kolster. โ€œWe don’
t recognize ourselves in the Netherlands in Babel‘s pronunciation at allโ€, it sounds. โ€œStories like that are mostly from the Premier League and the NBA, where 50 percent are said to go bankrupt within five years and end up above average in prison.โ€
In the Netherlands, professional football players are supervised from the beginning of their careers and so Babel’
s statements can count on little understanding. โ€œThese are huge numbers that he mentions and we cannot place those figures,โ€ says Arco van der Veer, director of the CFK Foundation. โ€œWe see bankruptcy very sporadically. Parties that call that rely on foreign numbers. Especially in the Netherlands, it is very well arranged thanks to the CFC scheme.โ€
That scheme stipulates that football players must give up 25 percent of their salary to a foundation, which means that they have a savings box after their career. โ€œYoung pros are often critical of it, but in the end they are always enthusiastic afterwards. Research also shows that 98 percent of the stopped pros think that the scheme helped very well. It prevents a black hole after their career and helps them to study, internship or job.โ€