“We have to apologize to everyone who cares about the club”

Bram van Polen is broken for a moment. After ten seasons, he is relegating with PEC Zwolle from the Eredivisie and that hurts. His team lost 2-0 to Sparta on Wednesday evening, which gave PEC the final push.
After the relegation, Van Poland had to be comforted by the supporters of PEC. Visibly excited, he then joined ESPN. I just snapped. It seems like a grieving process of sorts. Before the winter break, we were already dead and buried. After the winter break, we did everything we could, again today, says Van Polen.
We cant blame ourselves based on the second half of the season, we screwed it up in the first. We have to apologize to anyone who cares about the club. There are jobs at stake, you know the feeling of the supporters.. Then I think you can apologize. You want to give people so much more. Its painful that youre degrading like that today. Im completely empty, I cant make that much of it. Im empty, yes.
The objective of PEC is clear to everyone: return to the Premier League as soon as possible. I really still had the idea that this could work out. But yes… With all due respect for Helmond Sport, I dont have to think about that yet, says Van Polen at RTV Oost.