“We told Dumfries: you’re not good and don’t have any technical skills”

At football club Smitshoek people look proudly at Denzel Dumfries. The right back made the winning hit for Orange in the first EC-game with Ukraine (3-2) on Sunday.
Former youth trainer Ben van Drunen remembers how Dumfries used to be. We had players that were much better quality here, he told RTV Rijmond. This boy has only a mentality… Incredible. He left everything for his purpose. If we ate a fries, he ate healthy. If those guys were going to drink a juicy at training camp, Denzel stayed home. You can see what has come of it now.
Van Drunen also proudly saw how Dumfries made the winning hit for Orange on Sunday night. After his missed opportunity, someone gave me a message asking: you had taught him to headline anyway? I was thrilled that he hit that last ball.
Ex-teammate Sean Verburg states that Dumfries always said he was going to be a professional footballer. The whole group started laughing hard when he said that, Verburg says. We said Denz, you‘re not that good at all and you don’t have any technical skills, but his mentality has made him there. The last laughs laughs best.