Weather problems with Boeing 737 MAX in USA

A Boeing aircraft of the plagued type 737 MAX landed safely at the airport of Newark, United States. The pilot had an engine shut down due to a possible mechanical problem, airline American Airlines announced.

The US Aviation Authority FAA is investigating the incident. The problem had to do with an oil pressure gauge and would therefore be independent of the reason that the type had to remain on the ground for almost two years for safety reasons.

The aircraft had departed from Miami, Florida and finally landed safely in Newark, New Jersey.

The 737 MAX has been grounded worldwide since spring 2019 after two fatal accidents within a few months. A safety system pushed the nose of the device down, even if it wasnt necessary. The crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia claimed hundreds of lives.

In Europe, the 737 MAX was allowed to fly again in January. The United States and Brazil removed the flight ban in November last year.