Weather weather: apartments Waddinxveen evacuated, mini tornado in Belgium

Several places in the country caused a nuisance due to distress weather last night and tonight. In Waddinxveen, an apartment complex with 54 homes has been vacated. There was a leakage there around 0.45 a.m.

According to the fire brigade, the water was flowing from the ceiling lights at a resident on the third floor. Then the water penetrated deeper and deeper into the building, after which it was decided to remove the power and evacuate all residents. Residents are asked to find shelter with family and friends. The municipality has arranged a hotel in Gouda for the first night.

The Hollands-Midden Security Region writes the Hollands-Midden Security Region. The owner now has to make sure everything is back in order.

Residents angry

Some residents of the apartment complex say to Omroep West that they are angry with the owner of the property. According to them, there have been more frequent problems with the maintenance of the premises.

Since we moved in in November, weve always suffered a leak, says a resident. In winter, it was five degrees every time, because the underfloor heating had fallen off. Then we had no hot water automatically, and to make an alert I had to hang on the phone for six hours that week, another resident says. We just didnt get to them.

The residents cant go home for the time being. Now its uncertain: is it going to take days, weeks or months? Its waiting to see how its going to end.

Streets were white

In The Hague, the fire brigade ripped out several times last night. Several homes and basement boxes were filled with water. Under overpass De Put near Vaillantlaan there was so much water that the road was temporarily closed, after which a special company came to flush the wells.

In Kerkrade, streets were white, too, because of a cloudburst. Leakage occurred in Leiden on the roof of museum De Lakenhal, causing water in one of the central corridors. The collection hasnt been damaged. Due to its work, the museum cannot receive visitors today.

Because of a lightning strike in a broadcast tower by RTV Oost in Zwolle, Radio Oost was not listenable for a while in part of Overijssel. That malfunction has now been rectified.

On Friday night there was also a storm: at least six houses have become uninhabitable in Leersum and thousands of trees were destroyed. Presumably it was a fall wind. In North Holland there was a huge amount of rain on Friday.

Minitornado near the South Neighbors

In Belgium, the weather hit hard last night and tonight. In Beauraing in the province of Namur, near the French border, the covered terrace of a café was completely blown away by a mini tornado. Seventeen people were slightly injured. At least fifty buildings were damaged and many trees were blowing around. An eyewitness says it looked like an apocalypse.

Some roofs were blown away in the villages of Eprave and Mont-Gauthier. In Laloux, the roof of the church was damaged. The weather then moved on to the province of East Flanders, where streets were underwater and even a mud stream emerged.

These are images of the nuisance in Belgium and France as a result of the storm: