Webinar: Alternatives to saving

What do you have to do with your savings? After all, banks almost no longer pay interest, and at high amounts you even have to invest money. Are stocks a good alternative in this uncertain time? Jim Tehupuring and Stefaan Casteleyn of 1Vergensbeheer give their vision on Thursday evening during a free webinar.

The experts deal with the following matters for 60 minutes, among other things. Why is the interest rate so low? Is redeeming wise now? What other opportunities are there and is investing something for me?

Of course, they also address whether stocks are not too expensive at present, especially in the light of the current uncertain economic situation.

You will have the opportunity to ask Tehupuring and Casteleynte your questions from home. Afterwards, you will know if you are wise to invest with part of your savings.

Register now for the ‘Alternatives to Sparing’ webinar on Thursday 19 November at 20.00 hrs.