Webshop Mo Bicep tackled because of fake followers and fake likes

Webshop Bicep Papa of influencer Mo Bicep has to stop the use of fake followers and fake likes on social media like Instagram. This misleads consumers because they get too positive a picture of the company and the products.

If Bicep Papa does not stop doing that, it has to pay a penalty payment that can amount to โ‚ฌ100,000. The webshop says no longer to use fake followers and fake likes.

Fake followers

Bicep Papa, which sells food supplements and related products, makes a lot of advertising via social media. According to research by the ACM, between September 2018 and August last year, the company bought 98,000 fake followers, which are indistinguishable from real, and 27,000 fake likes. Its the first time the supervisor has punished a company for this.

The ACM has tracked down the past companies that offer fake reviews, fake followers and fake likes and urged them to stop doing so. The regulator has also advanced client files that will address companies and influencers who have misled consumers.