Weekend with mild weather at the door

On weekends, the temperature is higher than normal and the warmest moment is probably on Saturday evening and in the night to Sunday. In some places, according to Weeronline it does not get colder than 15 degrees and that is higher than is usual during the day at this time of year. Normally during the day it is up to 14 degrees.

On Saturday during the day it will be mostly dry and the sun will occasionally shine at a degree of 15. Also there will be moderate to fairly strong southwesterly winds. In the evening, the wind increases and more soft air enters our country. Particularly in the west and the middle, the temperature then rises.

Sunday its going to rain, but its not clear when. In the middle of the day, its probably gray and wet all over the country. It can rain for hours and there is a lot of rain on the regional side. The rain also brings lower temperatures. That also entails lower temperatures. In the afternoon it is 13 degrees to the coast and about 14 degrees inland.

After the weekend, the changeable weather continues. Monday and Tuesday it is probably still dry, but in the course of the week there are more showers. Also, the temperature goes down. The ceilings reach 12 to 14 degrees, which is normal for the time of year.