Weekmenu #2 WOMAN Tasty in your sheet-challenge 2021

The first week is over, time for number two! Coaches Isa and Medina together with a team of specialists have put together a nice weekly menu. Success!

This week, were going to focus on our immune system. Pretty important to take good care of that at this time, right? There are several ways in which you can strengthen your immune system, for example by: eating healthy and varied, exercising enough, ensuring a good nights sleep and by relaxing (by doing yoga, meditating or reading).

When it comes to eating, you can naturally support your immune system with all kinds of dietary supplements. A better option is to just feed your body properly! So were going to continue with that this week.

Weekly menu #2 and shopping list

Tasty in your vel-challenge week menu #2

Delicious in your vel-challenge shopping list #2

These menus come from the special WOMAN Tasty in your shee-challenge recipe book. In it you will find everything about this four-week challenge and all sorts of useful tips from Isa, Medina and various specialists. The entire book can be downloaded free of charge here. Nice to have and… if you download it, you have a chance to win different prizes!

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