Weghorst briefly met Van Gaal: ‘He said you could have scored more’

As a player of AZ, Wout Weghorst already got a taste of what it means to work with Louis van Gaal. The striker has seen a dream come true in the past few months and now wants to stay with the Dutch team.
Weghorst made his first international goal in the practice match against Georgia in June and also participated in the European Championships with Orange. โ€œIf you‘re on the pitch and listen to the national anthem and get to do what you love most, playing football, that was just great,โ€ he says to Sportbuzzer. โ€œPlaying for my country makes me very proud. My first goal for the national team and playing at the European Championships are days you’ll never forget about your life. I worked so hard for that.โ€
Weghorst hopes to be summoned under Van Gaal as well. โ€œIt‘s all about what you’re performing. That‘s being rewarded. I don’t really know Louis van Gaal. He used to be at an AZ game. I was happy afterwards because I scored twice. I met him, he congratulated me and then said, โ€œYou have to walk far more to the first pole. If you had done that, you could have scored a lot more.โ€
โ€œIt was a good time for me to meet him,โ€ Weghorst continues. โ€œHe‘s a very successful coach anyway. Who knows I’ll be able to play under him soon.โ€